Commercial Site Survey

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  • Electrical Requirements (If applicable)

  • Treadmills
    Most commercial grade treadmills require a dedicated 120V/20A circuit with a non-looped (isolated) ground. *contact your sales rep to ensure electrical requirements are known.

    • A dedicated circuit means that each outlet you plug into should not have anything else running on that same circuit.
    • Each treadmill must have its own circuit breaker with dedicated neutral and ground terminated at the panel.
  • Non-Treadmill Cardio

    • All non-treadmill cardio equipment uses a NEMA 5-15P plug.
    • The equipment requires a 120V/15A circuit. Multiple units may be daisy-chained together, up to four units per 15A circuit.

    Note: This is a recommendation only. NEC (National Electric Code) guidelines or local region electric codes must be followed.

    WARNING: Failure to follow these specifications can cause damage to your product and can void the warranty.

  • Treadmill Electrical Requirements: Treadmills must be connected to a 20 amp individual branch circuit. An individual branch circuit provides a hot conductor and neutral conductor to a receptacle. These conductors must not be looped, "daisy-chained", or connected to any other conductors. The circuit must be grounded according to NEC guidelines or local region electric codes.

  • Entertainment/VPS

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  • Installation Disclaimer

    Installation can take up to several hours to complete depending on the amount of equipment and the challenges of the location. Additional charges may apply depending on the number of Service Technicians required to complete the installation. Obstacles that increase the risk and difficulty of the installation, may also affect installation rates. Better Body Fitness of Montana, Inc. reserves the right to decline installation of product (s) due to dangerous or high risk factors regarding safety of Service Technicians not disclosed in this Site Survey.

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